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The speed of Docker, the reliability of KVM

LXD containers are the new virtualization type in VMmanager
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ISPmanager Lite and 3 popular SSL certificates with a 30% discount

From November 27 to 29 you'll have 3 days of discounts on popular products. We offer an annual license of ISPmanager Lite and 3 popular SSLs 30% OFF

Update your ISPmanager to work with Let's Encrypt

Update your ISPmanager to work with Let's Encrypt

Fast, lightweight and secure. Infrastructure LXD containers in VMmanager

Coming up soon in VMmanager: LXD virtualization. An overview of advantages and technical implementation

Comparative testing of LXD and KVM virtualization

Mesuring speed and virtualization density

IP fabric – a new network configuration in VMmanager

Overview of technical advantages and a test configuration option

How to configure backups with VMmanger

About backup options and new tariffs, which are now available to hosting providers

Now VMmanager supports Windows activation using KMS server

See the description of how to configure licensing below