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BILLmanager will help the provider to notify clients about new services, set up discounts for clients, as well as conduct promotions and analyze their results

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Referral program

Provider can set up a referral program under which its partners will receive remuneration for each referred client (referral).

BILLmanager generates a referral link or a promo code for each partner. The partner can share them with potential clients. A client who has used a promo code or ordered a service by clicking on a partner link is considered to have come through a referral program. BILLmanager will accrue a reward to the partner who attracted it.

In BILLmanager, you can set the amount of compensation for partners, the period of payment, define a group of clients who can participate in the referral program.


BILLmanager allows you to create promotions directly from the platform, without external tools: customize discounts for services and generate promo codes, set complex conditions for participation in the promotion.

For example, a provider can set up a promotion for clients with costs of more than 15,000 rubles for the selected tariff and with more than two paid services.


Send mailings with no limit on the number of emails or contacts. In addition to one-time mailings, there are regular trigger mailings in response to various events: ordering a new service, insufficient account balance, or renewal of the service.

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Related services and products

Increase the average bill by selling related services along with the main service. For example, if a client buys a VDS/VPS, you can offer to buy a domain name and an SSL certificate.

Client segments

BILLmanager allows you to finely segment your clients in many ways. For example, to allocate groups by ordered services, the amount of expenses and payments, and the date of registration.

For each segment, you can create separate promotions, set up discounts, and create mailings.

Integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Collect and analyze data on clients and services ordered. Segment clients into different groups, track their behavior and path.


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Service sales management automation for hosting companies and cloud providers
  • Automation of service sales: VPS, VDC, dedicated server, colocation, domains, SSL, shared hosting;
  • Payment acceptance: integration with PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, Alipay and more than 20 other different services;
  • Document flow: automated billing for services;
  • Automation of payment acceptance, recurring payments;
  • Marketing tools (segmentation, mailing lists, promotions, etc.) and CRM;
  • Option to manage several projects simultaneously, as well as White label;
  • Built-in support system;
  • Built-in BI tools to build analytical reports.
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