Partnership program for hosting providers


Make use of our control panels as an additional monetization tool for your business
by offering them in a bundle with your core services!
Join our partnership program and receive discounts starting from 25%!

  • Who can join the Program?

Hosting providers, web-design companies and data-centers.

  • Which control panels are included?

ISPmanager 5 (Lite and Business) and VMmanager 5 (OVZ, KVM and Cloud).

  • What is the licensing model?

Only monthly licenses of the control panels mentioned above can participate in the Program.

Advantages of partnering with ISPsystem

Exclusive license pricing

Obtain monthly licenses with discounts starting from 25% deposits or initial investments.

Universal API

Automate license ordering, activation and provisioning to your customers with
the use of our universal license management API.

Post-pay billing

Only pay for the licenses you have activated within the month, and get a payment extension of up to 40 days.


Automated installations

Our control panels come equipped with a friendly and simple installer, which makes it very easy
to start using the solution.

Marketing support 

Take advantage of our full marketing support for mutual promo-actions and
PR campaigns across all media channels.

Premium partner support

Get 20 free Support Incidents once you join the program! Our team will be happy to come
to the rescue 24/7/365.

Partners' discounts

As your business grows, we would be happy to provide you with greater discounts and better pricing on our control panel licenses. You can get started as a Starter hosting partner, and gradually increase your license count and monthly turnover, thus reaching a Platinum partner level and securing best pricing on the market.

 DiscountISPmanager 5 LiteISPmanager 5 BusinessVMmanager

Over 75 EUR in monthly licenses


Over 125 EUR in monthly licenses


Over 200 EUR in monthly licenses


Over 500 EUR in monthly licenses


Over 1000 EUR in monthly licenses



Buyback of lifetime licenses

  • Would you like to convert your Lifetime and Yearly licenses of the 5th generation to monthly licenses?

We can buy them back from you and give you a refund!

  • Would you like to convert your Lifetime and Yearly licenses of the 4th generation to monthly licenses of the 5th generation?

We can issue a free 5th generation license for a month to ease the transition!

Contact us to learn the details!

Become our partnerFill out a short application, and we will be in touch with your shortly

Partnership Conditions

ISPsystem partnership program for hosting companies has a few simple conditions

Have 75 Euro or more in monthly licenses

In the end of each calendar month our billing will automatically generate an invoice for you, based on the actual amount of licenses activated. However, the invoice would be at least for the amount of your minimum Partner commitment.

Discounts are only available for licensing on monthly basis

Yearly and Lifetime licenses are not included in the program, and nor are SSL certificates.

You have to manage your own pool of IP's to participate

The program is only for partners who are providing our licenses together with their hosting services, on a particular pool of IPs (internal licensing), and is not meant for reselling.

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