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High availability infrastructure for hosting provider clients

Options for building a reliable infrastructure that can be offered by a hosting provider with VMmanager
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EOL dates for DCImanager 5 and VMmanager 5 moved to February 1, 2023

About the new stages of life and migration to the platforms’ sixth versions

Flexible network settings in VMmanager 6

Presale engineer Rostislav Vorobev shows an example of how to set up a custom network for a node

"100% of our VPS and shared hosting has ISPmanager installed"

Dmitrii Yuzepchuk, Director of Reddok, explained how ISPmanager allows customers to get quality hosting, and the administrators to manage service

Updated DCImanager and VMmanager interfaces: a preview of upcoming changes

About improvements that will help increase the speed of the platforms

BILLmanager sends notifications via Telegram

How to set up the service in five minutes

IaaS in VMmanager: Users can configure private networks

An isolated network for the user is created in one click. VxLAN technology is used

VMmanager vulnerability hotfix and update

VMmanager vulnerability hotfix and update