How we support our customers
We have two support lines. The first line works with general inquiries
while the second one resolves complicated technical issues.
You need customer care department if you want to:
  • pay
  • prolong
  • activate
  • change the IP address of your license
  • restore access to your account
You need technical support if you want to:
  • install
  • set up
  • update
  • integrate
  • ask a technical question about ISPsystem software

We at the customer care department generally help with payments or service activation; however, we can also help to resolve deeper technical issues. We can assist in installation for free and provide links to documentation that can help.

Ksenya Fil, Head of Customer Care

Where can I ask my question?
Customer care
Monday-Friday: 00:00 - 16:00 GMT
Saturday-Sunday: via tickets, answers within 24 hours
Technical support
1 ticket — 30 €
5 tickets — 100 € (you save 50 €)
30 tickets — 300 € (you save 600 €)
Free for hosting partners
Free ticket per each 100 € charged of your account balance
Technical support
Step 1. Send your request to technical support if you are sure that only this department can resolve your issue. You need to enter your account first.
Step 2. Find the block "Support center" in the top right corner and click on "Send ticket".
Step 3. Describe your issue and select "Technical support". Select a product assosiated with the issue to get the faster response.
Your funds will be charged right after you have sent your questions via the account area. One ticket is per one issue, regardless the amount of messages sent within the ticket. If the cause of the issue was in our software, we will return the ticket charged back to your account.
Any question sent to our customer care department is free. You can send to us as many questions as required. However, you need to pay for questions directed to technical support. However, every 100 EUR spent on ISPsystem products give you one free ticket to our technical support.
If our technical specialists have to be involved to resolve your issue, then it will be paid. Normally, such issues are related to settings, updates, integration, and technical parameters of ISPsystem software.
If you still don't know where to send your question, just go to our Customer Care department. They will redirect you to the Technical support if your question is not in their competence.
Not exactly. If you communicate with us over emails or the website chat, it means that you're in touch with the customer care department, which is totally free. A paid technical support ticket is a request sent to our technical support over the form in your account area at
Technical support procedures
Our technical support can help you with the following:
  • Questions on installation, setup, and operation of our software.
  • Installation of ISPsystem software on a client's server.
  • Setting of ISPsystem products.
  • Integration of ISPsystem products.
  • Setting up internal ihttpd server.
  • Installation of an SSL certificate.
  • Troubleshooting of ISPsystem software.
  • Other work within promo actions organized by ISPsystem.
Technical support does not:
  • Provide server diagnostics even if ISPsystem software is installed there.
  • Set up systems, third party software, and client networks.
  • Develop and support modules and plugins developed for ISPsystem products.