Web hosting & Linux server control panel
Easily manage your web server without administrator knowledge

ISPmanager is a powerful web hosting control panel. With such features as centralized administration of UNIX server clusters, flexible customization, load distribution, and data backups, your customers will be able to manage their servers independently within the limits you set up. ISPmanager is the perfect solution for both dedicated and VPS, as well as shared and reseller hosting.

Web hosting billing software
All-in-one solution for hosting company management. Free for up to 50 clients.

Customizable billing platform for hosting providers, with automated client management, invoicing, and reseller functionality. BILLmanager comes equipped with dozens of 3rd party services, diverse marketing tools, built-in support center, and client area, all of which can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. BILLmanager is one of the top billing platforms according to HostingAdvice.

Server virtualization management software
Сreate virtual machines, provide VPS services, build cloud infrastructure

With this Type II OpenVZ \ KVM hypervisor you can partition your dedicated server into virtual machines and use them at your pleasure. Add nodes to your cluster quickly and easily optimize the cluster load. Dynamically distribute resources between virtual machines and build the failover cluster.

DCIM software & dedicated server provisioning toolkit
Manage hundreds of dedicated servers or take control of the entire data center infrastructure

On one side, DCImanager is capable of managing the infrastructure of any scale, from a few servers to all physical assets of the data center. On the other side, it's capable of provisioning dedicated servers to clients. DCImanager is fully integrated with popular billing software such as BILLmanager.


Domain reselling business: choosing a domain registrar

Domains reselling with BILLmanager

A few weeks ago we have published the article about selling domains and SSL certificates. There were many questions from our readers — what registrar to choose for reselling? There are so many integrations with different domain registrars and SSL-resellers! Another popular question was about the business idea itself - is there any sense in selling domains now when many people say that the best time for this is gone. We decided to devote this article to answer these questions with regard to domains.

Hosting business: how to start VPS hosting