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Virusdie website security tool is available for ISPmanager

Comprehensive solution for hosting automation:

Комплексная автоматизация хостинга

From individual webmasters to large corporations

Для вебмастеров и корпораций

Web hosting billing software

All-in-one solution for hosting company management. Free for up to 50 clients!

Customizable billing platform for hosting providers with automating client management, invoicing and billing, reseller functionality. This solution comes equipped with dozenns 3rd party services, diverse marketing tools, built-in support-center, and client area, as well as customizable front-end Cart capabilities, all of which can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. See BILLmanager featured among the 'Top Billing Platforms' on HostingAdvice.

Web hosting & Linux server control panel

Server management without administration knowledge

ISPmanager is a powerful web hosting control panel. With such features as centralized administration of UNIX server clusters, flexible customization, load distribution and data backups, your customers will be able to manage their servers independently within the limits you set up. A perfect solution for both dedicated and VPS, as well as shared and reselling hosting!

Server virtualization management software

Solution for creating virtual machines, providing VPS services and building cloud infrastructure

With this Type II OpenVZ \ KVM hypervisor, you can partition your dedicated server into virtual machines and use them at your pleasure. Add nodes to your cluster quickly, easily optimize load. Dynamically distribute resources between virtual machines and build failover cluster.

Get your server up and running in a click!

Software toolkit for dedicated servers deployment, provisioning & management

Receive full information about your servers, conduct equipment diagnostics, deploy servers, run OS installations – all automatically! This software for hosting and infrastructure providers also allows rebooting you servers remotely, and gathering all the data on traffic and loads.

DCIM software: keep your data center under control!

Single interface for data center infrastructure management

DCImanager control panel is designed to manage all physical assets of the entire infrastructure. Keep track of inventory and parts, power consumption, energy leakage, and battery charges. Equipped with a 3D map of your data center, DCImanager easily scales up from a few servers to a few DCs!