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Being in Hosting Industry since 1996, we can definitely say that ISPmanager is the most easy-to-use and powerful control panel we have ever worked with. It is really beyond our expectations: easy and powerful at the same time! Our customers love it.

–  Gerasimos Perentidis, CEO @ Easy.gr

PJ Fancher

Having talked to the team, it’s clear that ISPsystem has built their legacy overseas by letting customer demand drive their decision-making when it comes to updates. Having tested the technology, we believe ISPmanager merges premium-level features with affordable cost — a value offer that is sure to be positively received in the US.

–  PJ Fancher, Senior Web Developer of HostingAdvice.com

Richard Lingsch

ISPsystem has helped foster a strong relationship between our two companies. They are very receptive to feedback, and work hard to accommodate our specific needs. They always make us feel that they are providing solutions that benefit everyone involved.

Richard Lingsch, President of eApps Hosting

Luis Inverno

Intuitive control panel has always been one of the key factors for choosing hosting provider. Offering a more affordable, but at the same time reliable and user-friendly control panel will not only help us make our current customers happier, but also give access to new markets.

Luis Inverno, CEO @ PTisp

Alexey Korolyuk

We strive to provide the most advanced, intuitive and reliable hosting services, therefore we always choose tools that help us with it. ISPmanager 5 offers the great opportunity for REG.RU clients to use the best solution for hosting, VPS or dedicated server management.

–  Alexey Korolyuk, CEO @ REG.RU

Evgeniy Svetikov

We have been working with ISPsystem for over 9 years. Our clients appreciate ISPmanager 5 for its user-friendliness, intuitive interface and low cost. We will keep enhancing our partnership with ISPsystem.

–  Evgeniy Svetikov, Director of Shared Hosting @ Agava


Every day we seek evolution, and one day we met ISPsystem, a smart company with friendly people. Our customers love ISPmanager 5. A friendly control panel, with a beautiful interface for a super competitive price. Today we advise ISPmanager to all our clients as the 1st option.

–  Gualter Fernandes, CEO @ EVOLUSO.COM