Web hosting & Linux server control panel

Advanced solution for both dedicated servers & VPS management, as well as shared & reselling hosting provisioning

Manage linux web server

ISPmanager Lite provides rich feature set for managing websites, creating users, handling domains, emails, databases, etc. ISPmanager has the same affordable price for both dediсated and virtual servers. It also supports an unlimited number of users and domains without any extra charge.

The panel already has lots of various integrations such as Let's Encrypt, website builder, anti-viruses, etc. You can also create plug-ins by yourelf by using open and well documented API.

Provide shared or reseller hosting services

ISPmanager Business is the ideal solution for providing shared or reseller hosting services. Single ISPmanager Business can be used by providers for managing multiple servers (hosting cluster). The panel can manage data located on both local and remote servers (hosting cluster nodes).

The panel also guarantees uninterrupted operation of provider systems and allows flexible configuration of user roles to give customers client-access for managing their hosting.

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Cluster management
CloudLinux module

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ISPmanager Lite features

ISPmanager Lite lets you easily manage your personal server and maintain your websites.


Set up and manage Linux web-servers including Apache, Nginx and PHP FPM. Monitor resource usage statistics. Learn more.

Mailserver | mailboxes

Manage mail domains and mailboxes. Configure redirects and aliases. Set up spam filters. Use DKIM & SpamAssassin. Learn more.


Install popular CMS such as Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, etc. Create and manage website folders. Learn more.


Set up and manage web domains. Assign them to website and then install SSL certificates to secure private data. Learn more.

File manager

Manage files and FTP users. Set permissions on files & directories. Specify the user home directory. Learn more.


Set up automatic backups with ISPtar module. Schedule backups to external storages: Dropbox, Amazon, and others. Learn more.


Install Firewall to OS on which the control panel is installed. Set up SSL certificates to secure data transferring. Learn more.


Easily create and store databases. Manage user access limits. Set up various MySQL versions for websites. Learn more.


Create domain zones and edit domain records. Configure and manage name servers via integration with DNSmanager. Learn more.


Create and manage accounts, set limits, and grant different permissions to change configuration of a server. Learn more.

PHP versions

With built-in PHP selector you can easily set various PHP versions including PHP 7 for different domains. Learn more.


Add your own corporate logo, set up unique colour palette of the control panel, and change website links. Learn more.


Functionality of ISPmanager can be easily extended via additional modules. We're constantly working on extending a list of supported apps. Besides, you can always create your own integration by using API.

DDoS-GUARD protects websites against so called HTTP(S) flooding. It will reflect attacks in 99,5% of cases, that means you won't have to worry about criminals and money loss. DDoS-GUARD uses technology of Reverse Proxy.
Learn more.
Let's Encrypt
With Let's Encrypt module for ISPmanager you will be able to get a free SSL certificate from a reliable certificate authority. The issue and installation are processed automatically and don't require any administration skills.
Learn more.
With a click of a button, Virusdie can scan a website for malicious code: viruses, trojans, spam bots. If scanning has detected any infected files, Virusdie would automatically cure them. After that your website will continue its stable operation.
Learn more.
KernelCare by CloudLinux keeps kernels secure & end reboots forever. It’s available as a module right via ISPmanager interface. KernelCare supports following operating systems: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
Learn more.
Easily install hundreds of popular web-applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more than 1000 PHP classes on a virtual or dedicated server right from ISPmanager with the use of Softaculous Auto Installer module.
Learn more.
Website builder Site.pro is the easiest way to build a website directly from ISPmanager. The developing process does not require any programming skills. This means that you can change any element of your website with just
Learn more.
ISPmanager can manage free features of Cloudflare content delivery network. This service boosts and protects websites and stops suspicious website requests during DDoS attacks.
Learn more.
ImunifyAV will find a malware script on your website and heal it with one click. It supports WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, Drupal, MODx, Bitrix and other PHP CMS, static HTML-websites are supported as well.
Learn more.
CloudLinux is an operating system optimized for web hosting. It distributes server resources and efficiently delimits users. With CloudLinux, web hosting becomes even more stable and secure.
Learn more.
ISPmanager has a free 14 day trial version

Features available only in ISPmanager Business

ISPmanager Business gives you the ability to provide and resell shared hosting services. The control panel is integrated with the popular billing systems such as BILLmanager, WHMCS, and HostBill.

Server roles

Assign various roles to different nodes: web, database, mail, etc.


Track server resource usage statistics and diagnose log file issues. Learn more.

Advanced limits

Set advanced limits for users/user templates. Learn more.

Multiple servers

Manage multiple servers (nodes) from a single web-interface. Learn more.

Reselling functions

Turn your dedicated server or VPS into a scalable business opportunity. Learn more.

Users allocation

Allocate users between cluster nodes. Set load balancing type for each new user. Learn more.

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ISPmanager has a free 14 day trial version

CloudLinux module features

CloudLinux is specifically designed for hosting companies and optimized for shared hosting. This OS brings a lot of benefits by allowing you to improve stability, density, security, and performance of the server.


Cage each customer in an individual virtual system.

PHP Selector

PHP selector allows users to select specific PHP versions they need.

LVE Manager

Limit the amount of resources any single account can use in system.

MySQL Governor

Monitor MySQL usage, preventing abusers from overloading the server.


It makes it possible for users to choose a PHP version independently for different domains. .htaccess is supported.

Buy CloudLinux module for 10 €/mo

Being in Hosting Industry since 1996, we can definitely say that ISPmanager is the most easy-to-use and powerful control panel we have ever worked with. It is really beyond our expectations: easy and powerful at the same time! Our customers love it.

–  Gerasimos Perentidis, CEO @ Easy.gr

Having talked to the team, it’s clear that ISPsystem has built their legacy overseas by letting customer demand drive their decision-making when it comes to updates. Having tested the technology, we believe ISPmanager merges premium-level features with affordable cost — a value offer that is sure to be positively received in the US.

–  PJ Fancher, Senior Web Developer of HostingAdvice.com

ISPsystem has helped foster a strong relationship between our two companies. They are very receptive to feedback, and work hard to accommodate our specific needs. They always make us feel that they are providing solutions that benefit everyone involved.

Richard Lingsch, President of eApps Hosting

Intuitive control panel has always been one of the key factors for choosing hosting provider. Offering a more affordable, but at the same time reliable and user-friendly control panel will not only help us make our current customers happier, but also give access to new markets.

Luis Inverno, CEO @ PTisp

We strive to provide the most advanced, intuitive and reliable hosting services, therefore we always choose tools that help us with it. ISPmanager 5 offers the great opportunity for REG.RU clients to use the best solution for hosting, VPS or dedicated server management.

–  Alexey Korolyuk, CEO @ REG.RU

We have been working with ISPsystem for over 9 years. Our clients appreciate ISPmanager 5 for its user-friendliness, intuitive interface and low cost. We will keep enhancing our partnership with ISPsystem.

–  Evgeniy Svetikov, Director of Shared Hosting @ Agava


Every day we seek evolution, and one day we met ISPsystem, a smart company with friendly people. Our customers love ISPmanager 5. A friendly control panel, with a beautiful interface for a super competitive price. Today we advise ISPmanager to all our clients as the 1st option.

–  Gualter Fernandes, CEO @ EVOLUSO.COM