Marketing tools

BILLmanager will help the provider to notify clients about new services, set up discounts for clients, as well as conduct promotions and analyze their results

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Referral program

Provider can set up a referral program under which its partners will receive remuneration for each referred client (referral).

BILLmanager generates a referral link or a promo code for each partner. The partner can share them with potential clients. A client who has used a promo code or ordered a service by clicking on a partner link is considered to have come through a referral program. BILLmanager will accrue a reward to the partner who attracted it.

In BILLmanager, you can set the amount of compensation for partners, the period of payment, define a group of clients who can participate in the referral program.


BILLmanager allows you to create promotions directly from the platform, without external tools: customize discounts for services and generate promo codes, set complex conditions for participation in the promotion.

For example, a provider can set up a promotion for clients with costs of more than 15,000 rubles for the selected tariff and with more than two paid services.


Send mailings with no limit on the number of emails or contacts. In addition to one-time mailings, there are regular trigger mailings in response to various events: ordering a new service, insufficient account balance, or renewal of the service.

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Related services and products

Increase the average bill by selling related services along with the main service. For example, if a client buys a VDS/VPS, you can offer to buy a domain name and an SSL certificate.

Client segments

BILLmanager allows you to finely segment your clients in many ways. For example, to allocate groups by ordered services, the amount of expenses and payments, and the date of registration.

For each segment, you can create separate promotions, set up discounts, and create mailings.

Integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Collect and analyze data on clients and services ordered. Segment clients into different groups, track their behavior and path.


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Select the required pricing plan

Specify the required period
Pricing plan for the year
Pricing plan for the month
up to 200 clients
for beginner hosting providers
  • automation of service sales: domains, SSL, VPS, and shared hosting
  • recurring payments
  • automation of payments acceptance
  • support system
  • marketing tools and CRM
  • white label
  • working within a single project
up to 3000 clients
for moderately sized hosting providers
  • automation of service sales: domains, SSL, VPS, and shared hosting
  • recurring payments
  • automation of payments acceptance
  • support system
  • marketing tools and CRM
  • white label
  • working within a single project
for medium to large-sized hosting providers
Features of BILLmanager Advanced plus:
  • automation of service sales: dedicated server, VDC and colocation
  • working under several projects
for cloud, service and hosting providers
Features of BILLmanager Corporate plus:
  • CRM and the ability to coordinate contracts and tasks within the company
  • Advanced analytics system for building reports, graphs and dashboards (BI-system)
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Key features

Number of clients

Limitation on the number of clients in the system

up to 200 clients

up to 3000 clients

unlimited number of clients

unlimited number of clients

Pricing plan builder

Creating and configuring tariff plans for clients

Delimitation of access permissions

Managing employee access to the billing system functions

Client area

A personalized section on the hosting provider's website, where the client can manage its services (order, pay, delete), financial resources (top up personal account, track expenses, pay bills), and interact with the company's employees

Marketing tools

Accepting payments via Interkassa


The option to hold events to promote products and services, in which clients who meet certain criteria have access to special conditions for the purchase of goods and services (discounts or special prices)

Referral programs

The option to run programs that guarantee a cash reward for each client (referral)


Managing email and sms messages and notifications in the BILLmanager message menu

Client segmentation

Creation of client groups by one or more attributes for marketing and newsletter management

Advertising materials

Creating banners with promotions and offers for a given client segment

User support system

Built-in ticketing system for processing user requests

Payment acceptance

Conducting financial transactions using third-party payment services


Automatic generation of available default and customized reports

Flexible reports, dashboards, graphs, an own BI-system

Advanced analytics system for creating custom reports, graphs, and dashboards

Possibility to resell services

Possibility to sell partner companies' services: virtual and dedicated servers, virtual hosting and data centers, SSL certificates, domain names, ISPsystem and third-party licenses, as well as VM backup services

Multi-project support

The option to use one billing system for several projects

Extended module for
business processes (contracts, tasks)

The option to coordinate contracts, tasks within the company
Integrations for providing services to clients

Dedicated servers

Integrations for dedicated server rental services


Integration with IT infrastructure management platform

Power consumption metering

Collection of energy consumption data and power billing for clients in colocation

Server deployment

Setting up the sale of server deployment services

Virtual servers

Integrations for virtual server rental services


Integration with VMmanager virtualization management platform to provide virtual server rental services to clients

VMware Cloud Director VPS

Integration with VMware platform to provide clients with dedicated virtual server lease (VPS) services

Openstack VPS

Integration with the open source platform OpenStack to provide virtual server lease (VPS) services to clients

Shared hosting

Integrations for shared hosting services


Integration with ISPmanager server control panel to provide shared hosting services to clients


Integration with cPanel web hosting control panel to provide shared hosting services to clients


Integration with Plesk web hosting control panel to provide shared hosting services to clients

SSL certificates

Integration with CAs, SSL providers and resellers


Integration with ResellerClub domain and SSL certificate reseller


Integration with GoGetSSL SSL provider


Integration with the largest certification center GlobalSign

The SSL Store

Integration with a certified partner of the largest certification authorities The SSL Store


Integration with ENOM - a large reseller of SSL certificates

Domain names

Integrations with domain name registrars


Integration with .mastername domain name registrar


Integration with the DRS domain name registrar via EPP protocol


Integration with ENOM domain name registrar

ERR server

Processing module for integration with any domain registrar that supports standard (not modified) EPP protocol


Integration with EvoNames domain name registrar


Integration with HostMaster domain name registrar


Integration with R01 domain name registrar

Reseller club

Integration with Reseller club domain name registrar


Integration with Tucows domain name registrar


Integration with Ukrnames domain name registrar


Integration with WebNames domain name registrar

Payment methods

Ways to accept client payments

Bank transfer

Accepting payments by bank transfer


Accepting payments via 2CheckOut


Accepting payments via Adyen


Accepting payments via Alipay


Accepting payments via ASSIST


Accepting payments via CyberPlat


Accepting payments via LiqPay


Accepting payments via Onpay


Accepting payments via Paybox


Accepting payments via PayFast


Accepting payments via PayMaster


Accepting payments via Payment.Center


Accepting payments via PayOnline

PayPal Checkout

Accepting payments via PayPal Checkout

PayPal Payments Standart

Accepting payments via PayPal Payments Standart


Accepting payments via Paysera


Accepting payments via Platbox


Accepting payments via Portmone


Accepting payments via QIWI


Accepting payments via QIWI P2P


Accepting payments via Robokassa


Accepting payments via SimplePay


Accepting payments via Skrill


Accepting payments via Sofort

Sofort iDEAL

Accepting payments via Sofort iDEAL


Accepting payments via Stripe


Accepting payments via UnitPay


Accepting payments via WebMoney