Version 6.3.0 Released 17.04.2024


  • User interface design has been updated.
  • Added import of domains from PowerDNS when using default view.
  • Updated database schema for PowerDNS.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem that caused the namespace ip disappear from the interface after a server reboot.
  • Fixed a bug interfering with creation of CAA records using issuewild and iodef tags.
  • Updated useful links in the "Certificates for Address".
  • Fixed an error when opening the list of domain records after transferring a signed zone to a slave server.

Version 6.2.0 Released 05.09.2023


  • User interface design has been updated.
  • Improved panel stability in AlmaLinux OS.
  • Added the ability to specify in the domain creation settings the server hostname to be used as the MNAME value in the domain SOA record.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused ihttpd to not restart after changing settings via the panel interface.
  • Fixed errors in migration from DNSmanager 5 [BIND] to DNSmanager 6.
  • Fixed problem when IP address of someone else's slave server was specified for A record containing domain NS.
  • Fixed error of connection to mail gateway via SMTP protocol.
  • Fixed an issue with PowerDNS version detection that could cause unsupported parameters to appear in the PowerDNS configuration.

Version 6.1.0 Released 25.07.2023


  • Added support for integration with IPmanager 6 .

Version 6.0.0 Released 03.01.2023


  • The user interface has been redesigned completely: added visual clarity, improved navigation and user paths .
  • A new convenient interface for IPv4/IPv6 reverse zones has been added, allowing you to work with both individual IP addresses and networks .
  • Migration from DNSmanager 5 both within one server and between servers is now supported .
  • Work stability is improved due to migration to MySQL DBMS .
  • Now PowerDNS launches through standard systemd mechanisms when namespaces are used .
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