How to pay for ISPsystem services?

How to pay for ISPsystem services?

To pay for an ISPsystem service (a license, updates package, support incident, etc.) you first need to add funds to your account balance in the Client area. You can make an advanced payment or pay for a certain service.

  1. Log into the Client area.
  2. To add funds, click on your email in the upper right corner→ Add funds. Enter a desired amount.
  3. To pay for a certain license, navigate to the ISPsystem licenses → Buy license.
  4. Select a currency and payment method.
  5. Click Pay now.

Payment methods

You can choose among several payment methods: wire (bank) transfer, credit card, Paypal, Webmoney WMR.

When you pay by wire transfer, the billing system will generate a PDF invoice. If you choose another payment method, you will be automatically redirected to a web-page of a selected payment gateway. It may take from several minutes to several hours before the payment gateway will send your money to our system.

How to pay by Wire transfer?

Both individuals and companies can pay by wire transfer. In your Client area you can easily generate an invoice for payment.

  1. Log into your Client area.
  2. Choose a service and click Buy now or Add funds on the Dashboard.
  3. Enter a required amount, select Wire transfer, and click Pay.
  4. Select a payer. If you pay for the first time, you need to create a new payer. Enter the required information and click Save.
  5. In the form that will open you will see the invoice with payment details.
  6. You can download the invoice in the Finance and documents section → invoices.
  7. Pay the invoice in your bank. We will received the funds in 7-10 days (without commission).
  8. When we receive the funds, the payment status will change from New/In progress into Paid.

If you don’t want to wait until we receive the funds, you may send us a copy of the receipt confirming your payment. We will make a reserved payment and the service will get activated immediately.

Possible causes:

  1. We haven’t received the payment (e.g. the payment gateway is still processing it). If you paid by wire transfer, such payments can be processed up to several days. Contact our Customer care department for assistance.
  2. The payment is not associated with the service (you have made an advance payment). Navigate to the Cart and pay for the service using the funds from your account balance.

What will happen with my balance if I don’t order services for a long time?

Money will remain on the balance during the year. If by the end of the period the user does not renew, purchase ISPsystem services or request a refund, EUR 50 per year will be deducted from the account for keeping the client area records. This amount will be charged recurrently until the account balance reaches zero.

Issues with PayPal payments

Can I pay by PayPal?

If the Paypal account is registered for a company, you can pay only by Credit card/PayPal (2Checkout).

If the Paypal account is registered on an individual, you can pay by PayPal or 2Checkout.

Why do I get an error message when trying to pay by Paypal?

The error occurs if you selected to pay by Paypal, but your account is registered for a company. We can accept Paypal payments only from individuals. To pay from the company account, please choose Credit Card/PayPal (via 2Checkout).

Why is my payment status “Fraud”?

This payment status is set automatically by the payment gateway (not by our billing system) for one of the following reasons:

  1. The data that you have provided during payment do not match the Paypal account data,
  2. Checkout do not accept payments from Donetsk.

We contact Checkout or PayPal to resolve your issue individually.