03 March 2017 Reading time: 3 minutes

Top news. February 2017


We introduce to you our digest of main changes, innovations and improvements. Enjoy the read!


  1. Manual processing of domain names is now supported (5.94.0)
  2. New IaaS integration module with Windows Azure Pack (for the "virtual data-center" product type). You can now automate your Azure IaaS offering as well as VMware with BILLmanager (5.93.0)
  3. Alternative methods of domain validation for SSL orders have been added. Specifically, added verification via hash-file, CNAME, DNS and email address. (5.92.0)


  1. Added conformity of platforms and CPU via sockets. This feature simplifies and automates server provisioning to the client, reduces chances of any errors caused by mis-matched platforms and CPU. (5.94.0)
  2. Security of IPMI proxying. Additional verification of cookie values will prevent from accessing the IPMI only by URL. (5.91.0)
  3. Search of servers in different locations has been added. Previously, server search could have only been performed in the main DC, where DCImanager was installed. (5.91.0)


  1. ISO upload. If OS synchronization is made via rsync or distrsync, when uploading an ISO image, its file is copied to a remote cluster node together with OS templates. Therefore, the image was unavailable on the cluster node for some time. Now administrator can select a target cluster node, or user can select a target machine to locate the image. If the target cluster node is specified, the system will synchronize it with the required cluster node during upload. (5.93.0)
  2. VM list filter now supports filtering by virtual machine’s status - disabled outside of control panel, suspended. (5.91.0)

  3. Check of VM status. Now the system analyses the number of sent packages and number of record requests to the disk of virtual machine. If any value = 0, the corresponding varning will be displayed in the list of virtual machines. This option can be enabled in the "Cluster settings - Policy" section. (5.91.0)

WHD.global in Germany!

WHD.global, the leading global hosting event will take place in Rust, Germany on March 25-31. As usually, ISPsystem attends the event as one of the exhibitors, and we would be more than happy to meet with you there, answer your questions, and share our future plans. Also Igor Kuzmin, the head of product management department, will speak onstage about the DCIM solution. Please use this link for free registration.

Linux kernel vulnerability discovered

In February a vulnerability in Linux kernel was found. This vulnerability potentially could allow executing the code on the kernel level for the unauthorized user. Read more about the vulnerability and solution here.


Please welcome our new partners:

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