20 March 2017

New integration: Microsoft Azure Pack

On March 16, 2017 we released BILLmanager with integration with Microsoft Azure Pack for all users. Azure Pack is well-known as a stable, robust, and affordable solution for operations with servers and data centers based on Windows Server.

BILLmanager automates operations with clients, provisioning of resources, payment processing, suspension and prolongation of services, etc. On the other side, Azure Pack allows selling virtual data centers and cloud services by your the in-house server resources. Integration of the two solutions maximizes and streamlines performance of the IT infrastructure.

15 March 2017

WHD.global in Germany

WHD.global, the leading global hosting event will take place in Rust, Germany on March 25-31. As usually, ISPsystem attends the event as one of the exhibitors, and we would be more than happy to meet with you there, answer your questions, and share our future plans. Also Igor Kuzmin, the head of product management department, will speak onstage about the DCIM solution.

Please use this link for free registration.

03 March 2017

Главные новости. Февраль 2017

We introduce to you our digest of main changes, innovations and improvements. Enjoy the read!


  1. Manual processing of domain names is now supported (5.94.0)
  2. New IaaS integration module with Windows Azure Pack (for the "virtual data-center" product type). You can now automate your Azure IaaS offering as well as VMware with BILLmanager (5.93.0)
  3. Alternative methods of domain validation for SSL orders have been added. Specifically, added verification via hash-file, CNAME, DNS and email address. (5.92.0)


03 March 2017

Linux kernel vulnerability discovered

Linux kernel vulnerability have been discovered recently (CVE-2017-6074).

It can be exploited to gain kernel code execution from an unprivileged processes. For example an attacker can overwrite the content of an object in kernel by using some of the kernel heap spraying techniques.

Thanks to this vulnerability an abuser can get access to the kernel of your OS and launch a malicious code causing a wide range of potential damage: from sending spam to complete server failure.

02 March 2017

New rules for Comodo SSL certificates

Recently renew process for Comodo SSL certificates has been changed. Please note, current Comodo SSL certificates will be valid till the current expiration date and new rules of verification is required only if you order a new Comodo certificate or renew it.

SSL certificate provides a safe connection to the website and secure transfer of user personal data. There are different types of SSL certificates: with domain validation (DV), organization validation (OV), domain and organization validation and others.

Previously for organisation validation it was enough to register rate in any digital reference like Bisnode and wait for check of the phone number specified in there.