15 February 2024 Reading time: 1 minute

More than one sprint adventure


How much is 20 years?

In the framework of a human life it is the age of youth, blossom, learning, self-identification and shaping the trajectory of development.

In the framework of a business it is the age of maturity with a taste of ups and downs, triumphs and breakthroughs, calmness and turbulence.

Far back in 2004 we have begun our journey as a small startup for software development. We have been dreaming, building and experimenting: bringing together our team, creating new products, signing first contracts, and certainly laying down the principles of our future work.

Over the course of 20 years the technologies have been changing and so have we, growing and establishing new fulcrum points, but our principles remained intact:

  • People as the prime driver for the business.
  • Our products, which we are proud of, developed to address the users’ needs.

No need to draw the conclusions, because 20 years is just a new milestone followed by new explorations.

We are grateful to our partners, colleagues and those who are not indifferent for your professionalism, love, devotion and personal contribution to IT development.

The best is yet to come!