VMware vCloud Director

The module will be of interest to IaaS-providers who use VMware platform for virtualization. It gives you access to the basic functions of VMware vCloud Director directly from the BILLmanager interface.

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The VMware vCloud Director module provides VMware-based cloud services. It gives you access to VMware vCloud Director features directly from BILLmanager, without having to access the complex vCloud Director interface. With the help of the module, providers can provide virtual data centers based on VMware, and clients can perform operations with virtual resources in their client area. Information about the state of the virtual data center is synchronized between BILLmanager and vCloud Director.

VMware vCloud Director module features

The provider can:

  1. Create and modify VDC parameters.
  2. Create and modify parameters of virtual machines inside the VDC.
  3. Set up flexible pricing plans for clients and resellers (Subscription / Reservation pool or Pay-as-you-go).
  4. Automatically bill for the infrastructure used.
  5. Resell VDCs through resellers.

Provider clients within the VDC can:

  1. Create and delete virtual machines.
  2. Turn on and off or reboot VMs, while paying only for active VMs.
  3. Connect to virtual machines via the web console.
  4. Edit the number of CPU cores and RAM size.

Reselling virtual data centers

You can resell virtual datacenters between BILLmanager platforms and set up individual conditions and prices for different resellers.

Resellers do not need to have their own infrastructure with VMware. You can give clients access to the VDC main parameters directly in the BILLmanager interface.

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Service sales management automation for hosting companies and cloud providers
  • Automation of service sales: VPS, VDC, dedicated server, colocation, domains, SSL, shared hosting;
  • Payment acceptance: integration with PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, Alipay and more than 20 other different services;
  • Document flow: automated billing for services;
  • Automation of payment acceptance, recurring payments;
  • Marketing tools (segmentation, mailing lists, promotions, etc.) and CRM;
  • Option to manage several projects simultaneously, as well as White label;
  • Built-in support system;
  • Built-in BI tools to build analytical reports.
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