Integrated solution for managing the IT infrastructure of the business

Optimize the work of your administrator. Reduce managing costs. Integrate the ISPsystem platform with any software of your company.

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Businesses need server capacity for internal software: accounting systems, ERP, CRM etc. To ensure that IT infrastructure does not require more and more costs, the platform by ISPsystem helps to manage equipment, monitors stable and secure operation of the system and simplifies the work of administrators, reducing the risk of human error.

It is easier for small and medium businesses to build capacity in competition with major federal players, when they have an inexpensive and stable solution for IT infrastructure.

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Optimal operation of equipment

The solution allows you to rationally use the power and deploy independent virtual machines on one physical server. Prompt information about the condition of the equipment prevents premature wear and tear.

System is managed in a single environment

All tools for working with infrastructure are in one platform: equipment inventorying, monitoring and statistics, management of servers and other equipment, and creation of user accounts at different permission levels.

Fewer accidents, faster recovery

Event monitoring and notification systems help administrators respond more quickly to problems. Remote access to power systems, equipment and virtual infrastructure allows for quick recovery from accidents.

Saving human and time resources

The platform takes over most tasks performed automatically. With the help of scripts, the administrator can configure the start of repetitive actions or software installation. The platform minimizes human error and saves time.

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Our advantages

Regular Improvements

Updates are released every week. The product takes into account market trends and user requests.

Technical Support

All current issues are resolved by a professional technical support team 24/7, with average response time as little as 4 hours.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface helps to reduce the time required to fulfill a task. Suitable for engineers of any category.


Consolidates tools for monitoring, service and management of your equipment

Request demo and see Platform in action

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Thousands of companies from 130 countries use the ISPsystem platform