IT infrastructure management platform for healthcare organizations

Get ready for digital transformation. Use a secure, flexible and scalable solution. Integrate ISPsystem platforms with any software used by your company.

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Take advantage of the platform to introduce new services
The digitalization in the healthcare industry is developing at an increasing speed. Clinics and laboratories are using the new experience of working and interacting with their patients: remote services, online consulting and mobile healthcare. The process is associated with the implementation of new digital services and requires flexible scaling of the infrastructure of healthcare institutions. Try a flexible and scalable solution to launch new services and accelerate digitalization.

Deploy applications quickly and launch new services, flexibly transforming the infrastructure to meet current needs. Enhance the power and functionality of your infrastructure without stopping critical applications.

Reducing IT costs

The platform helps to automate most routine operations related to physical and virtual infrastructure. This reduces administration time and helps bring down the costs. Allocate the free resources of the IT department to implement innovations.

Fault tolerance and security

Event monitoring and notifications help administrators respond more quickly to problems. Remote access to power systems, equipment and virtual infrastructure allows for quick recovery from accidents.

Ensuring data security

VMmanager supports Ceph network storage, which can provide fault-tolerant distributed storage of large amounts of data. In case of an accident, virtual machines can be migrated in one click.

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Our advantages

Regular Improvements

Updates are released every week. The product takes into account market trends and user requests.

Technical Support

All current issues are resolved by a professional technical support team 24/7, with average response time as little as 4 hours.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface helps to reduce the time required to fulfill a task. Suitable for engineers of any category.


Consolidates tools for monitoring, service and management of your equipment

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