23 October 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes

BILLmanager: now with adaptive design


ISPsystem team has been actively developing new interface of BILLmanager platform since 2022 to make it more advanced and easy to use.

Updated theme is now readily available both for provider and client profiles.

We are continuously improving our products to make them more convenient both for providers and clients. BILLmanager with adaptive design of client profile was released on October 3. All of its features will now be available: it no longer matters what device you are using to access the platform - PC, smartphone or tablet - BILLmanager interface will adapt to your format.

BILLmanager adaptive design
BILLmanager adaptive design
BILLmanager adaptive design

From provider's perspective, adaptive design allows to increase sales conversion and loyalty of existing clients, as progressively more people prefer using smartphones even for work-related tasks.

Thanks to the new update, users will no longer need to switch to computer every time they want to make an order, payment or have a look at the stats in their profile. They will be able to do what they need at any time and place with access to the Internet.

All you have to do to switch to adaptive design is update to BILLmanager version 6.84 - once the update is complete, legacy mobile theme (z-mobile) will be deactivated automatically.

BILLmanager team is continuously developing the platform in line with market trends and your feedback.