29 September 2022 Reading time: 1 minute

New branding options to appear in BILLmanager 6


Starting September 27, 2022, new branding features will become available in BILLmanager 6.

Now providers can customize the login form: set the background color, place a graphical image on it, position the login form to the right or in the center.

In BILLmanager 6 Corporate and BILLmanager 6 Enterprise, you can customize the login form for each project.

Customizing the authorization form style
Customizing the authorization form style

Branding the authorization forms is the first phase of changes to the Branding section as a whole.

Future plans

By the end of 2022, even more branding options will be available to users. For example, providers will be able to change colors in profile header and menu, colors of rows highlighting in tables and forms.

Interface color setting
Interface color setting

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