31 August 2016 Reading time: 1 minute

DCImanager Essential and BILLmanager Standard Liquidation


ISPsystem strives to offer its clients the best professional software products. With this idea in mind we decided to eliminate BILLmanager Standard and DCImanager Essential which don’t fully meet this requirement. Such elimination would allow us not only to raise the bar of BILLmanager and DCImanager starting features, but also to maximize stability of the two remaining versions.

Since October 1 you will not be able to order BILLmanager Standard and DCImanager Essential licenses and receive new updates for this versions.

Special offer for switching to BILLmanager Advanced and DCImanager Progressive before October 1:

• Lifetime licenses: FREE
• Annual licenses: FREE
• Monthly licenses: 3 months FREE

BILLmanager 4 Standard

All owners of BILLmanager 4 Standard licenses can take advantage of our special offer on upgrading their control panel to BILLmanager 5 Advanced:

• Lifetime licenses: special price 160€
• Monthly licenses: 3 months FREE


We are also changing the tariffs’ names for BILLmanager and DCImanager. The change will occur on October 1:

• BILLmanager Advanced --> BILLmanager
• BILLmanager Corporate will keep its name
• DCImanager Progressive --> DCImanager
• DCImanager Enterprise will keep its name

You can find documentation on upgrading process for BILLmanager and DCImanager here. 
And if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know!