02 November 2016 Reading time: 1 minute

Reselling SSL-certificates in BILLmanager


Starting from version 5.78.0 we have introduced reselling of SSL certificates between BILLmanager 5 control panels. If you already have a sustainable partnership with SSL vendors, you can offer your reseller partners to purchase SSL certificates from you for further reselling. On the other hand, if you’re just starting your business, you can apply to any provider selling SSLs and discuss reselling certificates from this provider.

The only requirement is that both sides are to have BILLmanager 5. Reselling can be set up inside your account area. Furthermore there is no necessity to sign a special agreement for this kind of reseller partnership.

For a startup it might be almost impossible to agree a good discount from companies like GoGetSSL, Reseller Club or The SSL Store due to insufficient turnover, hence reselling in BILLmanager should be especially interesting for those who’re just starting their reseller business.

It is now possible to issue SSL certificates on your own. Your end users don’t have to apply to your technical support anymore to prolong a license or regenerate a lost key. Starting from 5.78.0 they can re-issue SSL certificates by themselves. This solution is to improve user experience and automate quality of the service.