05 April 2017 Reading time: 3 minutes

How to update your kernel without reboots


* Module isn't available on servers with programm virtualization (OVZ)

Let us introduce the module for integration of KernelCare with ISPmanager Lite. KernelCare makes it possible to check for kernel updates automatically, and download and install patches, if required, without rebooting the server.

Why is it so important?

It is important to update kernel regularly, since every new day brings new errors, potential vulnerabilities, as well as new solutions and improvements. However, updating the kernel always comes with downtime, as it requires to reboot the server. For some projects, even a few minutes of downtime might severely undermine revenue and reputation.

You can imagine what happens if the website of an online retailer ceased to response during online shopping, the entered data was lost, the payment processed, but the purchase was not completed, and the customer was left with nothing but indignation.

How can it be solved?

Someone would prefer to reboot their server at the time of minimal activity to minimize potential losses. Others would live without updates for a long time, making the server more vulnerable.

However, there is also the third option: update your kernel with KernelCare. After KernelCare is installed, you would be able to automatically receive critical security patches in right time, without server reboot and downtime but with all vulnerabilities fixed.

What distributives?

KernelCare supports the most popular Linux operating systems: CentOS, RedHat, CloudLinux, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. New updates are checked every 4 hours. More information you can read in our installation documentation.

About KernelCare licenses.

Starting from 2016, our customers are able to purchase KernelCare licenses in section “3rd party licenses” and use the installation documentation. Now, it is possible to purchase and install KernelCare directly from ISPmanager Lite interface in a few clicks.

It would be mostly useful for those who lack technical administration skills.

KernelCare license costs 3€ per month; however, the discounts are applied when purchasing more than 2 licenses.

Who uses KernelCare?

Mission of CloudLinux as a company is to make Linux more stable, secure, and efficient. Many customers of ours are already acquainted with their CageFS, PHP Selector, and other technologies and know about how efficient and reliable these technologies are.

To this date, KernelCare is used by many hosting providers and their clients all around the world, such as Liquid Web, BlueBox from IBM, ServInt, etc.

On March 29, 2017, Endurance announced the launch of KernelCare on its projects HostGator, BlueHost, and others. Information was published on PR Newswire.

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