02 February 2016 Reading time: 2 minutes

BILLmanager 4 End-of-Life


May 2016 will mark one year since we had announced BILLmanager 5, the latest generation of our hosting business automation platform. Within the past few months, hundreds of new users have appreciated the functionality of BILLmanager 5, while owners of the previous generations have already started migrating to it. So, the time has come to announce the EOL for BILLmanager 4:

  • 1 March 2016. ISPsystem ceases to add any new functionality to BILLmanager 4, including paid plugins.
  • 1 December 2016. ISPsystem stops releasing updates and critical vulnerability fixes, as well as providing support for BILLmanager 4, including free consultations at the forum.

Why it’s important to upgrade to BILLmanager 5

We have already announced the differences between v.4 and v.5. The key ones are the following:

  1. The list of integrations with payment agregatorsdomain registrars and SSL resellers has been significantly complemented.
  2. Small companies can save a lot of funds by using BILLmanager 5 as it is free for projects with less than 50 clients.
  3. If you’re using BILLmanager for reselling ISPsystem lifetime licenses to your clients, the only way you could receive updates for these licenses is by using BILLmanager 5. Read more.
  4. BILLmanager 5 App is available for free in App Store and Google Play. Read more.

Migration from BILLmanager 4 to BILLmanager 5

Tens of companies have already successfully upgraded to BILLmanager 5, so the process of migration is tuned and it works like clockwork! It is described in details in our Documentation.

Special offer

Only till the 31st of March 2016, you can upgrade your BILLmanager 4 to v.5 with a 30% discount!


We are happy to answer your questions on BILLmanager 5 and the migration. It’s really important for us to hear the feedback from you, especially if you keep using BILLmanager 4 due to some critical reasons. Please tell us about it using comments.

Best Regards, ISPsystem

UDP: starting March 2017 we introduce a new BILLmanager 6. More.