21 December 2023 Reading time: 5 minutes

ISPsystem: celebrate the New Year profitably


The New Year is a symbol of good changes. In recognition of this, ISPsystem launches holiday promotion “Celebrate the New Year profitably” that will last until January 31, 2024. Do not miss out on replacement of replacement of perpetual licenses with up-to-date versions of the new generation of products, and use the products up to 2 years with a 75% discount!

What is the idea?

Starting from December 21, 2023 and until January 31, 2024 you can have outdated versions of ISPsystem products with perpetual licenses replaced with similar solutions of the new 6th generation - BILLmanager 6 Hosting&Cloud, VMmanager 6 Hosting, DCImanager 6 Hosting, DNSmanager 6.

What you get?

  • Up-to-date product version with any type of subscription – month/year
  • 75% discount to purchase the license with one or two years of validity period*

*depending on the date of subscription:

  • 75% discount for 2 years if the subscription is entered before December 31, 2023
  • 75% discount for 1 year if the subscription is entered before January 31, 2024

Special terms:

Migration to the new product has to be made before the end of Q1 2024, while the perpetual license has to be removed once the migration is made.

Perpetual licenses that are part of the promotion will be deactivated automatically on April 01, 2024. Contact ISPsystem team directly to discuss your personal migration-related period.


  • Perpetual licenses of DCImanager without devices and VMmanager without core can only be replaced with subscription licenses with minimal equipment / core packages: DCImanager 6 Hosting (50 equipment units) / VMmanager 6 Hosting (16 cores).
  • Perpetual license of BILLmanager can only be replaced at a 75% discount provided that there is no active BILLmanager 6 Hosting&Cloud.
  • Perpetual license of DNSmanager can only be replaced at a 75% discount provided that there is no active DNSmanager 6.

Important! The discount is valid only for the current scope of infrastructure managed by the products with perpetual license.

Once perpetual licenses are replaced with subscription licenses, it is not possible to cancel this replacement.

Promo codes

Promo code may only be used once for one account and only in relation to one license. Should you opt to have more than one perpetual license replaced as part of the promotion campaign, please contact out technical support to have your personal promo code generated.

Find the instruction on how to apply a promo code here.

What is the benefit?

It has been about 10 years since launching the 5th generation of ISPsystem ecosystem products. Now the market is expecting the products to have new functionality, which has been implemented in the latest versions of BILLmanager 6 Hosting&Cloud, VMmanager 6 Hosting, DCImanager 6 Hosting, DNSmanager 6. Be upgrading to the latest product version, you will get favorable payment terms for the license as well as state-of-the-art tool for IT infrastructure management.

Key changes in ISPsystem ecosystem products (v.6)

DCImanager 6

  • Supporting a considerably larger number of equipment units with the minimal server configuration and standard installation.
  • Extended functionality of equipment accounting module for all types of inventory management.
  • Ability of one product installation to operate on hundreds of independent locations.
  • Integration with IPmanager 6 that allows to work with IPv4/IPv6 addresses as a single piece or as a network.
  • Ability to work with API in Swagger graphical interface.

VMmanager 6

  • Flexible functionality for provisioning of VPS as well as any additional software and turnkey services, including those that require ansible-scripts.
  • Flexibility in configuring virtual and physical networks, IP-fabric for service arrangement using IaaS model.
  • Integration with Grafana, Zabbix, Telegram for monitoring and event notification.
  • REST API architecture, integrated Swagger and Terraform provider.

BILLmanager 6

  • Extended functionality for branding that allows to modify product sections for compliance with provider's brandbook.
  • Updated interface that meets all modern design trends. The design will further evolve and improve as the product development continues.
  • New platform functionality, including work with accounts payable, cashbacks and etc.
  • New payment modules, service processors and etc.

DNSmanager 6

  • Managing IPv4/IPv6 reverse zones.
  • Flexible role system and two-step authentication.
  • Protection against data spoofing using DNSSEC technology.
  • Maintaining a log of actions and automatic detection of problems.
  • Built-in integration with IPmanager and ISPmanager.

Promotion validity period:
You can submit your license replacement application by January 31, 2024.

We will make the transition from perpetual licenses as comfortable and profitable for you as possible!

Do you have any further questions? Reach our Technical Support in your profile or contact our Sales salesteam@ispsystem.com / +1 (929) 237-11-65