Paying for ISPsystem services by subscription has become available. Subscription is the feature enabling to save the payment method, for example, a bank card. You will only need to enter the card details once before you pay for the items purchased, and then set auto-renewal in just one click. Card and e-wallet data will be stored on the payment system side.

How to set up auto-payment

  1. Log into the Client area.
  2. Click the email in the top right corner → Payment methods.
  3. Press Add payment method.
  4. Select the payment method and press Add.
  5. Select the payer or create a new payer. Press Continue.
  6. Enter the payer's details: status, contact person and country. Press Continue.
  7. Press Save payment method.
  8. The payment system page will open. Enter the data and the payment system will save the subscription.

Why not all payment methods are displayed after subscription

Auto-renewal is enabled during purchase by default, so only the methods supporting recurrent payments are shown in the payment form. To view all available payment methods, press No, I will monitor the payments myself in the auto-renewal field.