An all-scale IT infrastructure management solution for banks and insurance companies

Optimize your IT infrastructure’s activity. You can use a secure and scalable solution to manage servers, network equipment and virtual machines. Integrate ISPsystem platforms with any of your software.

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Flexibility and scalability
It is possible to expand your business. You have excellent system and service stability, as you can swiftly and flexibly adapt infrastructure to business challenges. Control all elements of physically dispersed infrastructure: server equipment, routers and switches, responding to incidents promptly.
Optimizing operating costs

Save time without having to switch between different tools. In a single web interface, you can keep inventory of equipment and manage multi-vendor infrastructure, which may be in different places. Control power supply and cooling costs, as well as equipment placement.

Automating the virtualization process

This is a convenient tool for managing virtual infrastructure and an automated VM provisioning solution for various company needs. Virtual servers can be created in as little as 2 minutes, while containers can be provisioned in only 3 seconds. You can migrate your virtual machines in one click without interruptions.

Ensuring system sustainability

Monitoring and notifications help admin react to issues faster. Remote access to power systems, equipment and virtual infrastructure help get the system back online rapidly should it fail. Assigning different permission levels minimizes human errors.

Tuning business processes

The platform automates most routine physical and virtual infrastructure operations. Its user-friendly interface makes speeding up operations easy.

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How to manage infrastructure and save money

Our advantages

Regular Improvements

Updates are released every week. The product takes into account market trends and user requests.

Technical Support

All current issues are resolved by a professional technical support team 24/7, with average response time as little as 4 hours.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive interface helps to reduce the time required to fulfill a task. Suitable for engineers of any category.


Consolidates tools for monitoring, service and management of your equipment

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