Client support center

The support center in BILLmanager is a system for handling client requests. It contains tools that help increase the speed of response to requests, reduce the load on the technical support department and protect against misconduct by clients.

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Capabilities of the client support center in BILLmanager

The system of processing requests from clients

No matter how a client creates a request - through the client area or by email, all requests will reach your technical support department.

Templates of answers for frequently asked questions will help to automate the communication on recurring user requests, and the rules of the speed of response will control the timing of work with clients.

Reporting will help to monitor the work of support in the context of an employee, department or company.

Configuring the support center

Notification system

BILLmanager has a built-in system for sending notifications to users. A notification is sent to an employee or client of the provider when a certain event occurs. For example, technical support response, auto-renewal of the service or generation of an act of completion.

Four notification methods:

  • Through the notification menu in BILLmanager.
  • By email. You will need to set up a mail server.
  • Via SMS text messages.
  • Via Telegram.
Configuring notifications


Provider can create a knowledge base or FAQ. For example, write about choosing and configuring an SSL certificate. Clients will read the article on the purchase page and be able to find the right certificate for themselves.

FAQ setup documentation

Online chat

Using BILLmanager, you can set up an online chat room on your website for free. As soon as a visitor writes a message, employees will be notified and can respond without leaving their client area. The service will save the history of communication and client contacts.

Paid requests to technical support

Provider can make requests for a fee and charge the client's account for each request or for a prepaid batch of requests.

Configuring paid technical support requests

Provider protection against breaches and spam

Customers who violate the terms of use of the service can be charged penalty points and even prohibited from using the provider's services.

To protect requests from spam, a limit is placed on the number of messages per hour.

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Service sales management automation for hosting companies and cloud providers
  • Automation of service sales: VPS, VDC, dedicated server, colocation, domains, SSL, shared hosting;
  • Payment acceptance: integration with PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, Alipay and more than 20 other different services;
  • Document flow: automated billing for services;
  • Automation of payment acceptance, recurring payments;
  • Marketing tools (segmentation, mailing lists, promotions, etc.) and CRM;
  • Option to manage several projects simultaneously, as well as White label;
  • Built-in support system;
  • Built-in BI tools to build analytical reports.
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