Flexible API system

RestAPI is a simple and convenient query system widely used all over the world. ISPsystem platforms support standard GET, POST and DELETE methods. All functions and examples of use are described in detail in the documentation. There you will also find instructions on what server to connect to, what format to write queries in, and how to process responses.

There are many ways to use the API. Here are some of the most popular queries in DCImanager:

  • operations with users,
  • with servers,
  • with switch ports,
  • with server power supply,
  • with IP addresses.

For VMmanager, we have described the following popular cases of API use:

  • checking permissions level,
  • viewing the status of tasks,
  • creating a VM,
  • operations with a VM,
  • operations with IP addresses,
  • changing the resources of a VM.

Available integrations

When purchasing ISPsystem platforms you also get ready-made modules for integration with popular solutions. Integration modules for BILLmanager, WHMCS and PowerDNS are already available. AD/LDAP is currently under development.