Assigning permissions

You can increase the security and protect the infrastructure from undesirable user activity by assigning different user permissions. For this purpose, a simple role system is implemented in ISPsystem platforms: Administrator and User.

Administrator. The first Administrator account is created automatically when the platform is activated. Administrator has maximum permissions to modify data, add and delete users, connect equipment, create integrations.

User. Administrator can create an account with User permissions. As a rule, the User’s permissions only apply to a certain server. User does not see the entire infrastructure and does not have access to neighboring servers. He can only manage his equipment: install the OS, reboot the server, track statistics on it, etc.

In VMmanager it is possible to create the intermediate Advanced user role. That user will have advanced tools to manage VMs and IP addresses, but not the entire infrastructure.

Active Directory and LDAP integration (under development)

Many companies with large staff use a single access control center - AD/LDAP. DCImanager can easily be integrated into the common access distribution system thanks to its ready-to-use API integration.

This simplifies management of employee accounts. You only need to create, delete or change permissions in LDAP/AD – and the permissions will be changed automatically in ISPsystem platforms.

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