Monitoring and notifications

Any malfunction of the equipment causes losses for business. It is therefore critical to keep the infrastructure up and running 24/7. For this purpose it is necessary to learn about potential or already existing problems as quickly as possible. ISPsystem platforms collect information about the state of equipment and display statistics in real time on the dashboard.

VMmanager monitors the following parameters of physical servers and virtual machines:

  • network load
  • RAM,
  • CPU,
  • Storage,
  • IOPS.

General load statistics can be displayed for a certain period (previous day, month, arbitrary range) or for an interval (days, hours, minutes).

DCImanager allows you to control traffic passing through network equipment:

  • traffic volume,
  • network load,
  • burstable.

We plan to add server status monitoring (collecting information about CPU, RAM, hard drives), power statistics and flexible notifications setup.

Get to know the platform

Easy to use

The combination of Grafit + Grafana tools is used to collect metrics. They allow to analyze any changes in the system and send notifications. We have placed the key indicators in the interface so that they are always at hand.

Our analytics is convenient to use being self-evident and intuitive. You will not need any additional training to learn how to read our graphics and use filters in reports. The administrator can get more detailed information in Grafana interface.

System notifications

ISPsystem platforms inform about the status of all important infrastructure elements – administrators can promptly react to critical changes and prevent premature wear and tear of equipment. This helps to extend the life of the infrastructure and save money for its maintenance.

Infrastructure statistics are available to all users: to the administrator – completely, to the user – only regarding the user’s servers.

With the notification system, administrators can flexibly configure alerts for different events. For example, the system will send a message about traffic excess to email or a messenger.

Get to know the platform

Task queue in VMmanager

The task queue is available to the administrator for convenience of user support and quick problem solving. This section contains information about current operations on all VMmanager entities: virtual machines, cluster nodes, OS templates, etc.

For each task, you can view its start parameters, execution time and the result. If the task ended with an error, you can view the logs right in the platform interface.