Centralized management

Unified management platform

ISPsystem products allow to easily manage geographically distributed infrastructure in a single platform: monitor the current status of the system in real time, view the status of operations and error reports.

For this purpose, VMmanager provides the possibility to group machines into clusters, and DCImanager – into locations.

VMmanager cluster — is a set of servers united by the type of physical equipment, territorial location or functions performed.

In VMmanager you can create several clusters and manage them from a single interface. In this case, all the nodes will be united by the mechanism of IP address management and common settings of data storages. VMmanager supports specific network configuration for Hetzner and OVH data centers.

DCImanager locations allow you to work with equipment located in different data centers or rooms without having to install multiple control panels. For each location, DCImanager shows its status: activity, errors, whether configuration is required, number of free space (racks and units). For locations, you can customize OS templates, and add hardware.