Diagnostics and recovery

Server diagnostics in DCImanager

When a new server is added to the fleet, DCImanager will check the correctness of its operation and enter the configuration details into the database. If a server has already been used before, the platform will analyze the status of installed components. If hard drives or other components were replaced during use, the information about the equipment will be updated automatically. Server health and performance are also checked. If a problem is detected, DCImanager will alert the administrator.

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Recovery mode

ISPsystem platform allows restoring the operability of virtual machines and physical servers if they do not start after reboot, or if remote connection is impossible. SystemRescueCD operating system is used for this purpose. This OS is intended for maintenance, diagnostics and debugging of the server.

Server recovery in DCImanager

To restore a physical server in DCImanager, the recovery template must first be installed on the server's location. It will then become available for use as an operating system and you can start the recovery procedure.

Virtual machine recovery in VMmanager

To restore the VM in VMmanager, you will simply need to start the procedure in the server management menu. The diagnostics and recovery images are available out-of-the-box.

Advantages of solution

Free technical support

Our technical support consists of network engineers and Linux administrators. We consult or help solve the problem "on the spot" by connecting to your platform.

Intuitive interface

IT administrator and internal users will find it easier to manage the infrastructure thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

Regular improvements

ISPsystem’s team releases updates every 2 weeks. The product takes into account market trends and user requests.

Security and stability

The monitoring and analytics system allows the IT administrator to monitor the status of the entire system and prevent failures.

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