Preparing the equipment for work

An administrator's work involves a pool of different tasks: from complicated and important ones to routine operations. ISPsystem platforms allow to optimize frequent operations and simplify the administration.

Equipment preparation in DCImanager

OS and software installation
Connecting the server ports to the switch and PDU

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Quick OS installation

All ISPsystem platforms support automatic OS installation from templates during server creation. The administrator no longer needs to spend time searching for the installation package, launching it manually and controlling the process. Thanks to automating this task the user gets a running virtual machine or a dedicated server in a couple of minutes. The most popular OS templates are available from ISPsystem repository:

  • CentOS 6, 7, 8;
  • Debian 8, 9, 10;
  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04;
  • Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019.

Client’s own templates can also be used.

Using scripts to start operations

Scripts allow to automatically install auxiliary applications on the server after OS installation or at any other time.

Let us consider an example. The user holds video conferences using the BigBlueButton. They are held every 4 months, so it is costly to rent computing capacity for this purpose on permanent basis – it is more cost-efficient to rent a server immediately before the conference. However, it is not reasonable to spend 1.5 to 2 hours each time to install the required software. In such situations, recipes help save time.

While it is the administrator’s prerogative to create OS templates, scripts can also be managed by end users. To install a script, simply open the corresponding menu in the platform and paste the code into the input field. You can write the script in any language – it is only critical that the necessary interpreter is available in the operating system.


DCImanager checks everything automatically, which excludes errors. In the case of a new server, the platform will check the correctness of its operation and enter the configuration information into the database: CPU, quantity and volume of RAM and hard drives.

If the server is already in use, the platform will check the serviceability and performance of the installed components. If any problems are found, the platform will inform about them.

Connecting to switches and PDUs

DCImanager supports network equipment by the majority of popular vendors and allows managing power supply. The platform helps manage network equipment: connect to the ports of the device, change settings (speed, port operation mode) and so on. You can monitor connections to PDU ports, enable, disable or poll the ports.

Advantages of solution

Security and stability

The monitoring and analytics system allows the IT administrator to monitor the status of the entire system and prevent failures.

Intuitive interface

IT administrator and internal users will find it easier to manage the infrastructure thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

Free technical support

Our technical support consists of network engineers and Linux administrators. We consult or help solve the problem "on the spot" by connecting to your platform.

Regular improvements

ISPsystem’s team releases updates every 2 weeks. The product takes into account market trends and user requests.

See platform in action