Remote server access

Enable your team to work anywhere and on any device with safe and easy access to equipment control from a single digital workspace.

Manage your IT infrastructure from anywhere on the planet:

Servers and network equipment
Virtual machines
Server power supply
Monitoring and statistics
Launching applications

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Remote server management in DCImanager

Remote server management via IPMI

The server management interface (IPMI) allows you to remotely monitor, diagnose and recover the server at the physical level. IPMI is independent of the operating system and works even if the server is powered off.

Features available from the platform:

  • managing the server's power supply;
  • connection through a web interface in public networks;
  • connection through built-in proxy methods in private networks;
  • automatic IPMI configuration when the server is released.

Remote server power supply management via PDU

PDU is the device for distribution of electric power supply. DCImanager allows you to monitor the state of connection of servers to PDU ports, turn on or off the servers’ power, monitor the load.

Remote VM management in VMmanager

VMmanager uses an HTML5 VNC client to remotely manage virtual machines. Websockify is used to support websocket. The network interface on which the VNC server accepts connections is automatically determined by default. A network bridge is used for this purpose, to which the network interface of the virtual machine is connected. It is possible to restrict access to VNC using standard VNC clients by creating a private network such as NAT.

Advantages of solution

Security and stability

The monitoring and analytics system allows the IT administrator to monitor the status of the entire system and prevent failures.

Intuitive interface

IT administrator and internal users will find it easier to manage the infrastructure thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

Free technical support

Our technical support consists of network engineers and Linux administrators. We consult or help solve the problem "on the spot" by connecting to your platform.

Regular improvements

ISPsystem’s team releases updates every 2 weeks. The product takes into account market trends and user requests.

See platform in action