Cannot log into a control panel/my account/client area

You first need to understand either you cannot log into the control panel / platform or your ISPsystem client area. Please check in the browser:

  • Control panel — https://:1500/ispmgr, where ispmgr is a short name of a control panel.
  • ISPsystem client area —
Short names of panels and platforms
  • BILLmanager – billmgr.
  • IPmanager – ipmgr.
  • DNSmanager – dnsmgr.
  • VMmanager KVM или Cloud – vmmgr.
  • VMmanager OVZ – vemgr.
  • DCImanager – dcimgr.

Control panel / Platform

As a user

If you cannot access control panel as user, contact your hosting company who provided you with the panel. He will reset the password for you.

If you are not sure who your host is, you may use the following tips:

  1. Try finding payment documents where contact details of your hosting company are specified.
  2. Try using one of the public resources, such as

As superuser (root).

If you cannot log into control panel / platrofm with the root-password please check that you can access the server where the control panel is installed with that password via SSH.

  1. If you can log into the server, make sure you enter the correct password in ISPmanager and there is no empty space behind the password.
  2. If you cannot access the server, contact your hosting provider. He will reset the password and you will be able to log into ISPmanager with a new password.

ISPsystem client area

If you cannot access Ipsystem Client area ISPsystem, please restore the password on the login form (press the Password recovery button). Or contact the Customer care department to or Live-chat at our website.