License upgrade

How to upgrade to the 6th generation of ISPsystem software?

VMmanager 6 and DCImanager 6 migration process is unique for each customer. There are special offers for every user came to 6th generation. Contact support and find out more information and details.

How to upgrade to the 5th generation of ISPsystem software?

To upgrade from the 4th generation of ISPsystem software products to the 5th one you need to change the license type and update the software on the server.

Changing the license type

  1. Log into your Client area.
  2. Navigate to the ISPsystem licenses section.
  3. Open the license and click Change tariff.
  4. Select a new tariff plan and click Ok.

Depending on the settings and licensing period, the system will either change the expiration date or charge you for the difference between prices of the new and old tariff plans.

Updating the software on the server

Different software products are updated in different ways. For more information about the update process, please refer to the following articles: