Move a license to a new server

How to activate a license on a new server?

You can activate your license on a new server. You don’t need to purchase a new one. Complete the following steps to use the existing paid license on a new server:

  1. Install a trial license on a new server.
  2. If you have user data on the old server, you need import them. Learn more in User import.
  3. Log into your Client area and in the license edit form enter the IP address of the new server.
  4. Update the license file in the control panel Help → About program → click on the button Update license or upload the license with the command /usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl fetch ispmgr — where ispmgr is a short name of the control panel.

How to change the license IP address?

  1. Log into ISPsystem Client area or to the client area of your license provider.
  2. Navigate to the ISPsystem licenses section..
  3. Select a license and click on it.
  4. In the form that will open enter the new IP address.

You can change the IP address yourself only once a month. If you have objective reasons to change it more often, please contact our Customer care department from your Client area.

How to move a lifetime license?

If you need to move a lifetime license to a new server, follow the steps described above.

If the Updates package for your lifetime license has expired, you cannot move the license to a new server. Why? Because to complete this operation you need to install a trial version which always has the latest updates. The lifetime license and the one on your server have different versions, therefore the control panel won’t be activated.

To move a lifetime license to a new server, you first need to purchase the Updates package in your Client area. The updates are valid from the expiration date, as you get all the new features and bug fixes released since the last update.

To learn the last version of your panel, execute the command:

  1. CentOS: - rpm -qa |grep coremanager
  2. Debian: dpkg -l |grep coremanager