Tickets, their statuses, and associated questions

What is a trouble ticket?

A ticket is chat with a specialists of the Support center. One ticket can include many posts related to one question or issue.

A ticket is created automatically when you send a question in your Client area (Support → Send ticket) or to New post notifications are shown on the Dashboard and in the Support center of your Client area. They are also sent to your email.

Tickets are saved in the Support center. There you can see the id and current status of your ticket. The ticket id can help a specialists identify you in the system and find previous chats.

A closed ticket is archived. All your previous conversations with support staff are kept in your Client area.

How to return a ticket from the archive?

You can add new messages into the ticket with 14 days after the last reply. If the ticket was moved to the Archive you can ask our managers to move it back from the Archive. The ticket history is kept in your Client area.

If the ticket was moved to the Archive and you want to continue solving the issue, please create a new ticket and give us the number or the link to the ticket where the issue was discussed before.

Email notifications

Different kinds of notifications are sent to the email that you specified when registering in our system: from the Technical support, finance and news notifications. You can unsubscribe from notifications in Profile settings → Notifications.