21 December 2014 Reading time: 1 minute

More good news – 50% discount on upgrade!


Through December 22- 28 we are happy to offer 50% off on upgrading 4th generation of licenses to 5th.

Our clients have accumulated a huge number of licenses of the 4th generation during the years of working with us. As the 4th generation of solutions is no longer being developed and will seize being supported soon, we would like to facilitate our customers’ upgrade to version 5 licenses.

When launching new software products, we strive to help our clients with their implementation. If you are still using the old version of our software product and cannot upgrade the server yourself, we are ready to facilitate upgrading from version 4 into version 5 (please refer to Terms and Conditions).

How to upgrade your licenses

Please note, that you can continue using control panels of the 4th generation even if you have corresponding licenses of the 5th version. You can upgrade your server any time you like, for example during the Christmas holidays, when your clients are not as actively using the servers.

Log into to your Client area -- Software licenses – Change tariff and select a product of the 5th generation.

Note! The discount is only given on licenses purchased directly from ISPsystem

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