01 July 2015 Reading time: 1 minute

Bacula4 module is now available for ISPmanager 5 Lite


We are excited to announce completion of development of an integration module for a popular backup solution Bacula4. Now you can back-up any virtual or physical machine directly from the panel.

Bacula4 ensures full recovery of functionality for any service, and can be used by end users and hosting providers alike. Quick and easy recovery of files, databases, or of an entire system from scratch can be set-up with just a few clicks.

Bacula4 is available for order at Bacula4.Contact support@bacula4.com for additional information.



Bacula4 is a commercial backup and recovery automation solution built on top of the world’s most popular open source engine from bacula.org. Built on open standards, using open concepts, it’s simply a more intelligent way to manage your backup and recovery requirements. Bacula4 builds and maintains a full automation and integration suite and enables even the most junior technician to quickly and simply manage a complete backup and DR strategy for any business. Bacula is trusted by 1000’s of IT professionals and enterprises to backup and restore their data.  The engine is mature, reliable, stable and proven. Bacula4 adds automation, integration, business logic and support to the platform. Scalable, cost effective, flexible and supported 24×7.