25 December 2012 Reading time: 1 minute

BILLmanager Client for iPhone


ISPsystem launched the BILLmanager mobile application. BILLmanager Client for iPhone is designed for hosting services providers.

This mobile application allows you to submit trouble tickets to the technical department at your convenience. Moreover, you can communicate with your BILLmanager’s customers via this easy-to-use interface.

You can always monitor the status of your personal account in our system. You may check it via the Balance module.


To download the mobile application go to App store on your iPhone, click Search and enter BILLmanager. Then, follow the instructions.

To download the mobile application from your PC, please click this link.

Once you open the application, specify the url address of your provider. ISPsystem's clients should enter the following address https://eu.ispsystem.com/manager/billmgr

IMPORTANT: the mobile BILLmanager app for iPhone is free.

UPD: starting Jule 2015 mobile apps are available. More.