17 July 2020 Reading time: 1 minute

VMmanager now supports CentOS 8


Support of CentOS 8 was added to VMmanager 6 starting from July 15, 2020. Now you can use the current version of the operating system:

  • install the VMmanager 6 platform on the server with CentOS 8
  • connect servers with CentOS 8 to clusters.

How to use CentOS 8

If you do not have VMmanager 6 yet
Order a trial version and install on a node running on CentOS 8, without third-party repositories or additional services. This will only take a few minutes. Then create new nodes running on CentOS 8.

How to install VMmanager 6

If you already have VMmanager 6
Simply add new nodes with CentOS 8 to your clusters. The system supports migration of virtual machines from old nodes to new ones. Move your virtual machines to the new nodes and install CentOS 8 to the old nodes.


When migrating virtual machines, the platform checks the versions of centos, libvirt and qemu. Reverse migration of virtual machines from CentOS 8 to older versions is not supported.

Questions about how to move to a new OS? Contact us or use the documentation.