20 April 2022 Reading time: 1 minute

CloudLinux OS, ImunifyAV and KernelCare licenses will become unavailable starting May 31, 2022.


On April 11, 2022, CloudLinux and ISPsystem ended their partnership.

CloudLinux OS, ImunifyAV (ex. Revisium), and KernelCare licenses can currently be purchased and renewed until May 31, 2022.

After this date, all licenses purchased from ISPsystem will be suspended. Users who have already renewed their products for a period longer than May 31 will be refunded for the unused period. For a refund, please contact our technical support in your client area.

Technological compatibility will remain and integration modules for ISPmanager will stay operational. In the beta-release of ISPmanager 6, scheduled for April 28, 2022, we will make appropriate changes allowing module activation with license keys purchased directly from CloudLinux or their resellers.

ISPmanager 6 web server and website control panel continues rapid development and we will share our plans for the product’s nearest roadmap soon (great things!).

If you have any questions, please contact technical support in your client area.