05 March 2018 Reading time: 1 minute

DDoS-protection is now only 9,5€ for domain


Since March 1, the price for DDoS-GUARD in ISPmanager is only 9,5 Euro for 1 domain.

DDoS-GUARD can reflect almost 99,5% of all attacks. In order to protect websites, DDoS-GUARD uses the Reverse Proxy technology. A proxy server transfers client requests from an external network to servers in the internal one where all the traffic is inspected for suspicious activity.

A DDoS attack is normally a serious threat for bigger websites. When your website becomes popular, it may attract attention of competitors, criminals or network hooligans. They use network flood to get it down. For website owners, it may result in loss of clients.

Learn more about protection with DDoS-GUARD.