26 February 2013 Reading time: 1 minute

DNSmanager 5: Introducing new functionality


February 27, 2013. ISPsystem announces the launch of a new version of  DNSmanager 5. DNSmanager can be used to manage both master and slave DNS servers, and can be integrated with the ISPmanager and VDSmanager control panels.

All major hosting providers aim to provide single name servers to their clients. With DNSmanager, you will be able to do that for all kinds of hosting services, such as virtual hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. 

Like other ISPsystem software products, DNSmanager is based on COREmanager, and incorporates all the functionality described in our blog.  

New and enhanced functions of DNSmanager 5

  • Master-server. Now DNSmanager can be used as primary DNS. 
  • Support for IPv6. You can use both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. 
  • Banned domain names. The list includes all official second-level TLDs. You can add more domain names, if needed.  
  • Administrator can view and manage all domain names created in the control panel. 

Prices and updates 

  • Users who purchased lifetime licenses for DNSmanager 4 will be given a 30% discount for update. 
  • Users who ordered one-month or one-year licenses will be able to update free of charge.