12 March 2015 Reading time: 1 minute

FREE versions of software products of the 5th generation


We are happy to announce the release of FREE versions of software products of the 5th generation. 

Free version is an ideal solution for getting started with a control panel without any time limitations. And in case your business is just taking off, or you generally don't have large volumes - free versions would be a perfect choice, allowing you to focus on your business, rather than expenses.

Free versions come with the following resource limitations: 

BILLmanager - 50 client accounts
VMmanager – 2 virtual machines, 16 Gb of RAM 
DCImanager – 5 dedicated servers  
DNSmanager – 50 domain names  
IPmanager – 50 IP-addresses allocated to users 

Important notes: 

• You can use a free version for an unlimited period of time 
• When your business grows, you may upgrade to a commercial version at any time
• Trial versions are no longer available for the products listed above
• ISPmanager does not have a Free version available.  To try out all the functionality and advantages of ISPmanager, you can obtain a trial version for 2 weeks. 

You can obtain a free version of a software product during installation. Simply download and run the installation script, and the free version will get registered and activated automatically.

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