20 August 2013 Reading time: 1 minute

Introducing IFXmanager Progressive


August 21, 2013, Irkutsk. ISPsystem announces the launch of IFXmanager Progressive, a new version of the software product IFXmanager that provides additional features for infrastructure management. IFXmanager facilitates the deployment and management of your dedicated servers and infrastructure, reduces setup and operation costs, decreases downtime while providing enhanced functionality to your clients. If you own several racks, manage a data center or going to grow your business and offer new services to your clients, IFXmanager Progressive will best suit your needs.

New features:

  • Automatically search and add new equipment
  • Collect power consumption statistics
  • Manage virtual networks (VLAN)


You can learn IFXmanager prices on the corresponding page.


  • To upgrade from IFXmanager Essential lifetime to Progressive, you should pay for the difference between the costs of those licenses
  • If you own a one month (year) license, its validity period will decrease
  • Those who own DSmanager lifetime licenses will be given a 30% discount


  1. IFXmanager installation guide
  2. Upgrade from IFXmanager Essential
  3. Migrate from DSmanager


For more information on how to purchase our new software product, please contact our Sales department sales@ispsystem.com