16 October 2012 Reading time: 3 minutes

IPmanager 5: New functions are now available


 Oct. 17, 2012 – ISPsystem today launched the newest version of the most optimizing solution for distribution of IP addresses between servers. It is a unique distribution system specially designed to integrate with ISPmanager, VDSmanager, DSmanager and DNSmanager control panels.

With IPmanager you will be able to better serve your customers and effectively manage allocation of IP addresses. When you create a new web-site or virtual private server you need to assign them IP addresses. An IP address can be reserved for a particular user or assigned from the pool of available IP addresses to a specific server when needed. IPmanager enables to return assigned IP addresses to the pool, if you do not need them any more.

IPmanager 5 is developed on the basis of a new kernel which will be used to launch the newest versions of other ISPsystem products.

New and improved features of IPmanager 5 include

  • New license policy. Now you can install licenses on any IP addresses, including NAT. You will need an activation key which will be generated when creating a new license.
  • IPv6 installation. You can install licenses assigned for IPv6 addresses.
  • Physical networks. While creating networks, you can use any prefix length, not only /24 (like it was before), but also networks of larger and smaller sizes.
  • Overall DNS management. While creating networks, the DNS server will be automatically configured to manage the reverse DNS records of networks.
  • Improved interface of reports. You can view the reports in a new illustrated format which demonstrate the IP address usage statistics in different sections.
  • Graphical installer. IPmanager can be installed via the web-interface by click of a mouse; furthermore you will be prompted in your native language.
  • Software self-descriptiveness. We modified the system of error messages which are displayed to users. Now they contain more information and include prompts for further actions. It will allow to avoid any delay in problem solving and to use the product without interaction with the technical support department.
  • Multithreading. In addition, you won’t need to wait for another user to complete its actions. Improved IPmanager 5 allows to perform different types of operations at the same time.
  • Software performance. The IPmanager performance has been increased, it takes less time to perform operations, however the system consumes less resources.

Pricing policy and updating procedure

All users who purchased lifetime licenses for IPmanager 4  will get 30% off. Users who have licenses for 1 month or 1 year will be able to update their licenses free of charge.

All users can upgrade IPmanager 4 to IPmanager 5 by renewing it via their own interface in our BILLmanager. New users will be able to purchase IPmanager 5 at our site.