14 June 2010 Reading time: 1 minute

Special offer on purchase of ISPmanager Cluster lifetime licenses

Dear clients, partners and potential customers! On the 15 - 30 of June 2010 (including), you may purchase LIFETIME licenses for ISPmanagerCluster, a software product for cluster management, not at 1900 EUR, but 499 EUR.
Cloud technologies are very popular all over the world. We have decided to meet our customers’ needs and offer beneficial terms for Cloud hosting management. Please note! The action period is limited. If you do not need ISPmanager Cluster to set up a fault-tolerant and scalable system for virtual hosting right now, you may think about using it later as cluster technology and cloud hosting are technologies of the future. If youare our partner, please note that you can purchase lifetime licensesat affordable prices thus you can offer lower prices for these licenses to your customers.
ISPmanager Cluster is a software product for web-cluster management. It allows you to create and manage high load web-projects on a conceptually new basis and level of providing services.
You may learn more about functionality of the software product and order it here.
Order ISPmanager Cluster and achieve a great deal!