18 July 2012 Reading time: 1 minute

Buy the ISPmanager Cluster lifetime license at 599 euro only in July!


The ISPsystem company is pleased to announce a sales promotion that will allow you to purchase ISPmanager Cluster Lifetime at very favorable prices.

From July 19 -31 (including) all our customers will be able to order a lifetime license for ISPmanager Cluster at 599 euro, while its usual price is 1900 euro. Do not miss out this great opportunity and save 1300 euro!

ISPmanager Cluster can be used to create a failover and scalable system to provide shared-hosting services. Cluster consists of several physical servers and distributes load and different functionalities among them. It enables to duplicate roles by various servers and continue providing services even when one of them fails.

ISPmanager Cluster web-interface is based on ISPmanager Pro and has the same functionality for Shared-hosting services.

ISPmanager Cluster has been greatly modified. The main change is that Nginx is now used as a proxy http server. Therefore, a modified and upgraded web-module was introduced into the ISPmanager control panel.

For more information about the cluster, see the ISPmanager Cluster page.

Do not miss the opportunity to order ISPmanager Cluster that will help you move your business to a higher level of efficiency and productivity.