07 July 2020 Reading time: 1 minute

ISPmanager Lite now supports CentOS 8. Here is how to update


Starting on 7 of July 2020, ISPmanager Lite supports CentOS 8. Now you can work on the current version of the OS, use all the new features and get the latest security updates from the developer of CentOS.


The built-in Shell client in ISPmanager Lite on CentOS 8 does not work and we plan to fix it in the near future. At the moment, to manage the server via SSH you need to connect directly.

How to update to CentOS 8

You will need to move the panel to the “clean” server. Attention: do not update the operating system on the “action” server — this may cause loss of data.

How to move the panel to another server?

  1. Install the current version of the operating system on the new server.

  2. Next, install a trial version of the product and move data from the main server.

  3. Activate the control panel license. Change the license IP address in the client area. Instructions are available in the technical documentation.

Questions about how to move to a new OS? Write to us or use the documentation.